„I like to think that I am not a slave of life that has the writing as a hobby; but that I am a writer that takes as a hobby the fact of being a slave of life, since that is the only true way to learn to write.“

My novel, El suicidio de los Shinigamis, is already available in Amazon – Kindle, both in eBook version and printer version for home delivery. (Spanish)

Publicado: January 31, 2018 12:14 am.

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Rot is a Shinigami; a god of death who, with so many others, is indistinguishable between the persons around the world. However, after many years of faithfully performing his work, he has questioned his own existence, finding the value of it in the imminence of his own end. Due to this he wants to get rid of his eternal life and his skills in order to become a mortal.

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